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Nov 4, 1998
I usually carry a multitude of knives on a daily basis (mil occupation); I really liked the feel (light-weight) of the Spyderco Military, and there's a big question:

I'd like to here the preferences of serrated or plain edge. I usually go for the combo style, but like the plain edge for easier resharpening. Now that I bought a Spydie Sharpmaker, I'm wondering where the benefits lie. I'd appreciate your input

Hello Dave... There are a couple of threads debated over this topic.."who buys all those serrated knives" and one thats buried not too far back"Plain, serrated, or combo" This topic is controversial..It has alot to do with how you use your knife personally! I think that most prefer plain edge...But there are those who really dig a fully serrated blade. You will hear from them soon I'm sure.
I, like you, have discovered the combo edge suits me and is very useful. But I do have the plain edge Military..Have you checked out the SOCOM,OR the EDI..They both come in combo edges!! The Military is a good choice all around and one tough hombre!!
When all is said and done, a sharpened serrated knife can have many advantages over a plain edge knife. Like cutting line, lasting edge, etc. I like the aesthetics of a plain edge knife but I have also said if I get deployed I will grab my serrated Military. Now that I know how to sharpen them I'm not worried about it anymore.

Serrated has its place IMHO and I am going to start getting more of them
Dave - the serrated Military will definitely tackle the tougher stuff than the plain edge. I've used mine as a "pocket saw", cutting through small diameter branches, PVC pipe, plastic molding, etc. A very aggressive cutter that knife is.

Dexter Ewing
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Hey, thank's guys...looks like it'll be the serrated Military. I usually have my Sebenza, BM AFCK (M2) or Emerson Commander on me, and I'd like to add the versatility of a serrated blade. If the CMP440V is as tough as I've heard, I guess the serrations will hold up pretty good.

Again, thanks...I really value your opinions.

Plain edge is the only way to go. Unless you wanted to spend a long tim sharpening those lil teeth! heh


Tom Carey

Good plan. A plain edge will handle most every job, but occasionally a serrated edge is the only way to get the job done. Therefore carry two knives! Now if only they would make a subdued (black) clip. It would make the knife more low profile. By the way my Military is serrated.

It is really not hard to sharpen a serrated blade, you want to use a triangle ceramic, set the corner of the ceramic in a valley of the serrations and tilt it toward the edge of the blade just a hair and run the ceramic back and forth from the rear of the blade to the tip while maintaining your angle. What you have just done is roll the edge,now lets straighten the edge out, so on the opposite side of the blade use a flat side of the ceramic and lay it flat on the blade tilt it toward the edge just half a hair (a thin blond hair)and with the opposite of a cutting motion push the blade across the ceramic from the rear of the edge to the point and this will straighten out the edge and make it very sharp.
Whew! well this is how I do it and have very good luck with this metod. I hope I have written this in a way you can understand it(I am a rotten writer). Maybe someone else has another way that they might want to suggest. Well I can smell supper cooking, time to eat, your fat little buddy in the Texas Panhandle, Chris.
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