Very Good Agent-A1, very good. You exactly correctly, it's not an oil, and it's simply amazing good stuff!!! Its seriously THE BEST LUBRICANT that you can get. What more can I say?

I notice that Militec-1 is hands down the most mentioned lube on this forum. This may have even been discussed on another forum but I have not found it. I don't see any remarks about Tuff Glide from Sentry Solutions. What's the deal? Is Militec-1 THAT much better? I put my 42s in the oven at 150 degrees for 10 minutes with a dose of Tuff Glide and marveled at the silky smooth performance. This stuff is advertised as a metal conditioner as well, not an oil or silicone. What's the word on this from the peanut gallery?

"There will come a time when your most trusted companion will fail you, It is our duty to be prepared so that when the time comes we do not fail them." -BC