mill micarta?

I have, different phenolic resins too. A two flute end mill at medium speed. Don't feed it too fast as it tends to chip at the edges. Leave room to clean-up if you are insetting on a finished handle.

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Don't mean to be nosy, but I assume this is for a handle. Are you insetting a stick tang per early Loveless?
Still in design phase. I thought I could make blanks and leave handle design open if I can inlay tang. I want to get going but can't get guard/handle design I'm happy with.
Yes. Use a 4 flute end mill to reduce the chance of chipping. I recently finished this one. It's burgundy (or maroon) linen micarta. The slabs were milled and assembled for a mortised tang construction.


I'm just showing this for effect. I'm not hyping or trying to sell a knife. This was number 1 of 1, and sold at the Spring Hammer-In at Washington, Arkansas last weekend.


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I do a lot of Micarta milling for my parasite knives. I use a carbide 2 flute at high speed. Nice smooth finish and no chipping. Like mentioned, a 4 flute will work well too, just dont run as fast.
For those of us with only a small drill press and a Dremel, is there an easy way to do this?

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