Mill recommendations?

Dec 29, 1998
I was thinking about getting a small mill for making guards and other small pieces. Maybe someday I'll get into folders. My space is limited to a rather crowded one-car garage.

Is the Grizzly mini mill any good? What do the forum members recommend in terms of a small mill that isn't expensive and doesn't take up much space?

Thanks for your input.
I have a TAIG mini-mill. I also have very limited space and that was the reason for my buying it. It is a well built rugged little machine. The only drawback that I have run into is that it is not very powerful; which fits being a mini-mill. A friend bought the Grizzly mini-mill and has had quality problems such as the gearbox not being lubricated and the spindle being out of true.

One thing I try to remember when working with my TAIG mill is that even big mills can only take off so much material in each pass.

The price of the TAIG went up $50 since I bought it, which in my opinion puts it at the top of its actual value. Any higher and I would look more closely at small used toolroom mills. the TAIG powerful enough to put 3/16" wide slots through a piece of 1/4" thick nickel-silver??? I've been looking at them on the net and that's what I want a mill for. I haven't been a fan of Grizzly since I had one of their belt sanders...THANKS

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Darrel got it. I've made cuts like the one you've descibed in stainless steel so I'm sure nickle silver will be even more manageable.
I have been looking at getting a small mill too. Noticed that Grizzley put the mini mill on sale at $20.00 off. Not much savings but,
. I have really been looking and I thought the Grizzly might be a better mill. More weight, direct gear drive, bigger motor - but now I wonder ---- again.

Darrel you said the mini mill will make the cut are you talking grizzly or taig?

That has been my delima which mill?

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I have a Grizzly mini mill and it cuts slots just fine. I have cut slots in 1\4 inch stainless. Course I'm not a machinest and can only compare with a drill press that I used before.It's like anything else . You get what you pay for if not it's your fault.
Take Care
TJ Smith
I have a Taig and am happy with it. Just wish you could get a 3/8" collet for it. Then I could get some edge bevelers and dovetail cutters for it. It is a little expensive for what you get so If you can swing a Smithy multi tool I'd go with that. My experience with Harbor Freight multi tools was horrible. Lousy machine and terrible accuracy. I've been told that the Smithys and Harbor Freight machines are made by the same company in China but I've never heard a Smithy owner gripe so they must use better materials for the Smithy.

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