Minature knives

Ivan Campos

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Apr 4, 1999
Is there anyone outhere interested in miniatures?
I saw someone asking about them in a post somewhere and, as they interest me, I started realizing there seems to little interest in them in the web. Most of what we see are those ugly production folders and fixed blades, totally out of proportions, but I am talking about the handmade ones.
I was the one that did the other post on miniatures, I didn't find much of anything that was available and good. That link that Mike Turber gave me was a really cool looking auto but it didn't appear that any were available anymore. Also, the link that pointed toward the keychain butterfly knives was closed 'til june. The whole ending was kinda depressing because nothing good came of it. I don't know what to tell 'ya. Make your own???
Yep, Mike. It seems we are alone in this subject. Anyway, I can indicate you the existence of the Miniature Knifemakers Society, if you are not a member yet. I used to be , but have no been for some years, now. i have just sent $20,00 for my 1 year membership.

I make the mini's, folders and fixed, 2in.
or less, damascus only. will have some at
the blade show in Atlanta in june. I suspect that the lack of mini-makers is mostly due to the time involved to build a good one and
general impression of the public that they
must be another cheap import. All imports are not cheap but impression is everything
these days, (Washington D.C.'s never ending
dances to impress the public comes to mind).
Good luck on your hunt.

old pete
Thanks for posting, Pete. Any pictures of your miniatures? Or, at least, tell us more about what you do.