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Mineral Mountain Knives

Mar 19, 1999

Have any of you heard of or have any experience with the Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works knives and other edged tools. They are somrtimes advertised in AG Russell's Catalog. If so, what are your opinions? Bill Boyd
I have owned and used several of thier knives for several years. I have lost and misplaced a couple of them at times. But, I have never broken one. Think of thier knives as a camel, it's ugly but will get you there and back without quitting.

Besides they are good people. I highly reccomend them.


I own the large Camp Knife, and it's really tough! Really great prices for the awesome quality. Complete with Kydex sheath. I want to get one of their Survival Bowies. And they are great guys.
Do they have a web site?

Clay Fleischer

Picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue...

No website. But they have some very nice pics, and a bunch of new knives including a $25 neck knife. Heres their snail mail address 14056 Low Gap Rd. West Fork, AR 72774. And they will modify any of their knives to fit your needs, or create a custom one.