Mineral Oil, Ren Wax and Stag

Nov 28, 2002
I own several sharp, shiny, pointy things with stag handles. I always slather’um up with Ren Wax. I have read several recommendations from knuts around here to soak stag handles overnight in mineral oil from time to time. I figured I would give it try. So the question is will the treatment be effective since they have the Ren Wax coating? Should I take it off first and if so how. Appreciate your thoughts on this.
Hey Thomason, I would try and take off the Ren Wax to allow the pores to absorb the Mineral Oil. I recommend taking a Washcloth soaked in Hot water and wrapping that around the Stag handle. If you have applied several coats of Ren Wax to the Stag itself then you made need to work on it (especially in the grooves of the Stag) for a few minutes.

Also, I have never tried soaking the Stag overnight, I normally just use a rag soaked in Mineral Oil and just wrap it around the handle, but I don't know if this is effective as completely immersing it.
I agree with HillBill. I use the mineral oil on stag and bone by spreading the oil on liberally, especially around the ends and pins, and then wrapping with saran wrap. That's less messy. I also will rub it in before wrapping, but just don't get caught sitting there massaging your knives. It's a great tactile sensation bonding with your knives, but people will wonder about you.
The next day buff off the excess oil and wax for a great gleam. This has always worked even for very old wood handle knives. It really brings the life back to the wood without changing the patina or color.
Thanks gentleman. I found the brochure that came with the Ren Wax and it stated that the wax can be completely removed by rubbing with white spirit (a petroleum distillate). Sounds like something the local hardware store would have. What you said makes sense, Hillbillenigma. I agree it would be better to remove the wax first. Woo Hoo, I have a plan!