Mini AFCK ATS-34 or M2??

Oct 6, 1998
Just recieved a Mini AFCK in ATS-34 as a gift and am considering returning it and getting the M2 version instead. I would like the edge holding but am concerned with the ease of sharpening and rust resistence. Is the M2 AFCK that much better? BTW as to the BM quality control, the one I recieved is darn near perfect. Nice even grind, blade centered, liner lock adjusted just right, and very smooth action, I am impressed.
I have used M2 steel bladesfor the last 25 or 30 years. (early 70's gerber knives) The steel holds an edge better than my miniAFCK in ats 34 but the real big advantage is the increased toughness of the blades. They don't roll or chip under use. Never had any corrosion difficulties with the M2 but the steel seems to be harder and consequently a little more difficult to sharpen than ats34. The gerber M2 actually seems to skip over the waterstones I use wheras the ats34 bites into the stones.
Definately go with the M2! Excellent knife steel.... tough, durable, and seems to hold an edge darn near forever.