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Nov 4, 2000
I just bought a 710hssr and it;s an little to big to carry as an everyday knife,i was looking for suggestions on a smaller folder to carry and i was thinking about the mini afck or one of the spyderco;s or an accent 820 .let me know what you guys think. i;ll be buying off the net ,so i won;t be able to try them all out.thanks
Welcome to the forums. You came to the right place. I would reccomend the spyderco native. The price is right, size is good, and I have never met anyone who didn't like it. You will have to pick between serrated or plain depending on the type of cutting you do. You may want to check out the Bladeforums FAQ regarding serrations versus plain. At any rate Spyderco has an excellent following here and the ascent seems to not have quite as good a reputation. You will get more than my humble opinion though. The experts shall be here soon....

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I would look at the mini-AFCK or a BM 705 or 940. All are small enough not to scare people and big enough to cut most things. The mini-AFCK is a really sturdy design, I carry it more often than the full size and it feels stronger, very nice action. If you like your Axis lock you know the 705 is a smaller version of the 710. I don't have a 705 yet but it's on my list. And the 940 is my favorite knife. Very attractive in dark green, and incredibly small for its size. I put it next to my large CRKT Point Guard and the blade lengths are almost the same, but the PG is 3 times as wide as the 940.

You'll find a lot of Spyderco fans here and, for no good reason, I'm not one of them.

My vote is for the 940.

And welcome to the Forums, I think you're gonna like it here

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I have found the Spyderco Wegner (small size) to be a good general utility use knife in a small convenient package.

The AFCK is also a good knife, being an efficient cutter with its blade profile.

Either of these should provide a very good cutting tool for everyday use.

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The mini AFCK is one of my all-time favorite designs. Love it, and still carry it as a small pocket knife, usually with a real knife, Darrel Ralph Apogee for example, as backup. I like the Spyderco Native and Calypso Jr. too. The 705 small Axis lock is a great knife.

My favorite small knife is the David Boye lockbacks. Light, ergonomic, and sharp.
Mini-AFCK is a good choice. Get one in M2 if You can. Ithink it is quite a bit better than ATS34. Spyderco Native is a really nice knife for about half the price though.

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for me the min afck's handle is way too small.

I would look at spydie's mini weg or the rookie these fit my hand great.

I love the large afck on the small the finger groove is too far back so my pinky isn't on the handle. and I need my pinky on the handle.

I think that the 705 would be a logical choice to go with the 710, assuming you like the 710.
I don't have a 705, but do have the mini-AFCK and the 940. Both are excellent. They are about the same size and thickness. The 940 is a much nicer looking knife, and has the Axis lock in it's favor+it's ambidextrous.
On the other hand the mini-AFCK's G-10 scales don't show wear or scratch up like the anodized 940. Though it is a liner lock, lockup is very good on mine (as a matter of fact, my mini and full-size AFCK's have less blade play than my 940-when it's pivot screw is loosened enough to allow effortless "flicking"). IMO, it's slightly recurved blade outcuts the relatively straight blade of the 940, and it is less expensive.
Both of them fit my medium sized hands very well.
For everyday use the 940 is a much slicker package, but I would choose the mini-AFCK in M2 if I were a "heavy" user. My .02.

Spydercos are also excellent, IMO, but I really like Benchmade's designs alot more.

Good luck choosing between all these great knives

Spydies that are comparable to mini AFCK are (IMO of course) Rookie g-10, Standard g-10(discontinued but available) and wenger jr.(discontinued but available)
I don't have mini AFCK only AFCK but Spydercos quality surpasses BM's. I'd like to see better quality on BM's knives as they do have some very nice designs.

If you rather have a liner lock then rookie and standard are out. My personal favourite is Standard but if you like linerlocks Wenger jr is one of the best small linerlocks. It doesn't have as pointy tip as mini AFCK or Standard but is really nice sub 3 in folder.

I like spydercos thinner washers. Even if the pivot is a little loose the tight (allmost invisible) fit won't allow vertical( this is not my native language and I dont have a dictionary around so I might mean horzontal. you know side ways) blade play . BM uses thicker teflon washers that allow bigger blade play if pivot isn't quite tight. To add the thing that pivot srews in all my BM's do get loose after a couple of days use means that there is often some balde play in BM's. If you live in USA you can send the knife to BM if it's not OK. (Something that would cost too much for me from europe.)

Ti liners wear faster than SS liners so wenger should last longer. I still like AFCK design quite much and BM might have better luck with smaller knives. I'd look also for smaller Pardues (BM 855 and 856). They offer full flat grind for more efficient cutting.

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I like both Spydercos and Benchmades, but why not look at a REKAT? Both the Pioneer II
and Carnivore Cub should fit the bill nicely.
Admittedly they are not as pretty as say a
Benchmade 940, but they are built solidly. Just thought I would throw another choice your way. Good luck and enjoy whatever you decide on.