Mini clip Point Khukuri! Like a tiny scourge.

Kailash Blades

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Nov 21, 2015
Bit of an interesting one here! 7" mini khukuri with a sharpened clip point, s guard and full length full tang white rosewood handle.


These are all small things that we can add to a blade without needing to charge full custom costs. When they all combine on a blade that's sized like this it really makes for a unique looking blade don't you think?


While we might not be taking any full customs right now, it goes to show what kind of unique works can be created through a series of smaller modifications. Maybe it even gets your owncogs turning!


What do you guys think? Is the combination of all these different features a big thumbs up?
Or it all too much on such a small blade and end up looking a bit of a mutt?
Take care,
Andrew and the team at Kailash