Mini cqc 7 question

Dallas T

Gold Member
Apr 6, 2013
I just recently received my first Emerson, an a100 which I like a lot. Well now I want more, now considering a cqc 7, but not much fan of full chisel, I like spear point. So my question is, I know the regular comes n 7a configuration with spear point but does the mini have that option?
The mini 7A does exsist however it was discontinued. They pop up on the exchange once in a while.
The mini-7 does (or did) have an "A" version but they're not currently available. Emerson makes knives in specific runs of whatever model they decide is needed. When a model is out of stock you just have to wait for that model to be produced again. I haven't heard anything about the mini-7A being discontinued so I assume it's just temporarily out of stock everywhere. At least, I hope that's all it is. I want another one, too.

Full-sized 7As are still available from some dealers if you want a spear point CQC7 right away. The 7A models are still single beveled, but they are V-ground as opposed to chisel ground.