Mini-Pal and it's plastic sheath....still available??

Aug 8, 1999
after finding out CS has a forum here (welcome aboard!!); i was looking at all the nifty toys i had bought from the company over the years. i have a question that i'd appreciate an answer to (even if it's from a forumite with a current catalog, and not a moderator)-
are they still making that cute little mini-pal? man, i loved hooking that puppy on a coat or keychain. now i use a Lagriffe for my keychain knife; but i'd still like to use the mini-pal on a backpack or jacket. it's perfect for that kind of carry, and extremely handy for opening things.
also, are there any extra sheaths that i could get ahold of? i still have my little pal; the plastic sheath's looking a bit old though. i'd even buy a new one if they're still being made, but only if i can buy a couple extra sheaths....
and i DO have the mini-culloden! and the Shovel; voyager tanto; assegai spear; walking stick; Safekeeper III; Mini-Pal; Tanto neck knife; and the heavy Gurkha Kukri. then i got away from Cold Steel and started collecting other users: Ken Onion Random Task; Spyderco Jot Singh; REKAT Fang neck knife; Emerson Lagriffe (my favorite right now for keychain carry, took it off the neck cord); Benchmade 705 Axis SBT; custom modified tanto fighter from Ricky Fowler...then i got into sticks and such; couple of nice little knuckledusters; kamagong stick (another favorite toy of mine) from Kris Cutlery; two BEAUTIFUL thick rattan sticks from K.I.L. (used them pretty hard at a seminar and they hold up excellently!); a pair of palm sticks custom made out of American Ironwood...
sheeesh, are we nuts around here, or what?!?!