Mini Random Task and EDI Genesis 1-100

Nov 3, 1999
I'm new to this board, so I apologize in advance if I'm asking redundant questions!
1) I noticed that some folks here have difficulty sharpening the larger Random Task. Why did Kershaw/Ken onion decide to use 440 on the large version and ATS-34 on the mini? By the way, I do have a mini and have great luck opening it with my thumbnail--I hook the thumb stud with my thumbnail and flick my thumb outward. Works like a charm!
2) Any previous reviews here on the EDI Genesis 1-100? I purchased one in January that that I had to return because the lock failed. The replacement was not exact: It had a very small detent on the inside edged of the blade that rides the liner as the blade is being opened. This is a noticeable
slowdown in its operation. Secondarily, the
replacement knive's liner engaged so hard that I have had to use a quarter to disengage the lock. What is the story on EDI? Is their quality control an issue?
Thanks for your replies!
Barry H