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Mini-SOCOM Death Rumors

Jan 10, 1999
The demise of the mini-SOCOM has been greatly overstated. Who started the rumor that they are being discontinued?

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Microtech started the rumor. That is per my conversation with them last week. Have you heard different?

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Mike Turber
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Not from the horses mouth, but from several distributors who gaffed at the question. Also, why would MT be getting ready to release an auto version of this "baby" if they were going to kill it?

I like the manual MiniSOCOM, but for some reason the market just didn't embrace it. You can make a really great product, but if it doesn't strike a chord with the buying public, you're out of luck.

I expect the auto flavor of the MiniSOCOM and the MUDT to be pretty big hits by comparison.

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At the risk of asking the same question in too many different ways, anyone have any good intel on whether there will be any splash mini-socoms, or are the recently released color mini-socoms the likely to be the last of the (manual, clip point) breed?

-- Carl