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Mini Socom M/A

The Mini-Socom is a very well made , solid locking , evenly ground , VERY sharp out of the box knife .
It is very well suited for general everyday carry use , because it has a fairly slim profile .
BUT...it does have a drawback or two . The clip is not very well designed , as it rides way too high if you attach it to your pocket , you can't pry anything because the tip is fragile . and finally ,the action is very stiff due to very tight tolerances (I put some Break-Free on mine and work the action many , many times ).
After hundreds of times opening and closing it it is now Lightning Fast and Very Smooth .
I carry mine almost everyday and would not hesitate for a minute in recommending one .
Just my .02 worth.
Bartman, Jailhack said it all. I bought mine at the same time as my Genesis. The m-socom was and is still very stiff to open. I find the small size a blessing in one sense and a curse in another. Being small it fits in the top shirt pocket of my uniform shirt very well and the clip looks somewhat like a pen clip. No one knows it is a knife. The problem is that the small handle is often hard to get a grip on with my large hands. You can't have everything. I really like the close tollerances though, more like a watch than a knife. I just wish it were a smooth to open and close as my Genesis.

Hey Jailhack and John thanks for the input. I was looking for a smaller knife to carry during the day.So it should fit my bill.What about the clip is it real high? I guess the flik will break in after a while? My military was tough at first.Hows the blade design for everyday cuttin? I ordered it without seeing one!! My EDI is also smooth as silk. Read alot of good posts onthe socom! Figured the mini will be great too! Thanks again.. now lets have some more replys.
Hello friends, Just got my mini-socom... I must say! This is one cool blade. As far as production knives go,this is the boss! It is small, but very handy. Very sharp!! The ergonomics are excellent. I do not find the clip to be too high on the mini. It does promote a precise draw! Really can't say anything negative. Action is smooth and fluid. Well, great knife, worth the extra $$ and very well built. May have to get another. If you don't have one splurge now, its awesome!!! Size is perfect, this is a small knife though. Large hands may find it too small, go for the large size. If you don't have a Socom get one!!

Thanks to all, for the info, and I give this knife an A+. Just a couple cents worth. BART
PS. great movie, The Soldier, with Curt Russell, is that a SOG??


I couldn't agree with you more. I bought a dark grey one, and liked it so much I bought another in deep purple. Both have black plain blades.

This is nearly the perfect knife for me. Street legal everywhere, compact, sharp, and perfect in my medium sized hand. I leave my small Sebenza in the drawer every day now.
Hey Bartman ,
Glad to hear that you like the Mini-socom .
Do yorself a favor and pick up a full size socom too , you'll be happy you did.
Oh yeah , I called the factory and they told me that the mini-Socom will be discontinued by the end of the year.
I just picked up a purple one and it is going to stay in my showcase .
(1 of approx.125)
JAILHACK...So why are they disc. the Mini?? Did they say?? It seems like a perfect knife as you said for carry!! I thought it was a recent model. guess they arent selling enough of them!! What do you think about the KESTREL?? Well Im happy I got one...
Thanks Bart
Bartman ,
They told me that just like with all the rest of their previous knives, they make them for awhile and then stop. It doesn't make sense to me either, to stop making a perfectly good knife ,but I guess Tony M. has his reasons.
If any body else knows about this matter,feel free to chime in.
I'll chime in with support of the M-Socom, opens smooth, SHHHARRRRP blade, feels good in the hand. And i can carry it (my limit .s 3.5

As to discontinuation, i'd assume to make it a "collectiable"

Hello I saw as a foot note in a magazine that the mini-socom has adjustable blade tension. Is that true? And if it is, would that be the problem with some of them being hard to open?

I saw this on page 57 of tactcal knives in the lower right hand corner
Hello JOHN the BRISK: What month was that??,Mine is a little stiff but works fine!By the way what kind of mini bolts are in this knife, they don't look like torx?? Anyone know?? and what are the sizes? I read a thread where someone broke the blade pivot, I think they said it was a collared sleeve that titens on itself?? But not sure, they may have changed it, my blade say 9/98..Fairly new blade.
O.K.- Let's see if I can settle this and start a mad rush at the same time.
I spoke with the factory this morning and the Clip Point Mini-Socom's are already out of prodution, the only ones left are in the hands of dealers and the ones that people already own.
The Tanto point Mini-Socom will be re-introduced in approx. 4 weeks.
As far as any ads stating that the Mini-Socom is tension adjustable, this is completely FALSE.
The action is tight when new due to such close tolerances,blade coatings,and the ball detent.
As you work the action over and over again the action actually polishes itself and becomes smoother with time.
Hope this helps.

C.O.'s-"It takes balls to work behind the walls "
Jailhack.. thanks so much, for the info. This is a great knife, gonna get another(big one)..I am very impressed with this company!
ps: what are the clips screw? torx or what??
The clip screws are Torx (I believe either a T2 or T3).I don't know where to obtain them becuase Sears only carries down to a T5 .You might try a computer store.

The pivot screw is a T8 ,and is in extremely tight from the factory .They do not reccommend taking out the pivot screw as there is no reason to (non-adjustable).They can be stripped very easily, although I have taken mine out "just to see" .
Socoms ????
I have two minis. One is silver with the black plain blade. The other is a pre-production model (#318) with a plain clear-T blade.
I carry and use the latter one all the time.
They are great knives for light work. Their only drawback is that the handles are a bit small for my grip.

I have two full size Socom M/A's. These also have plain black-T blades. One is pristeen, the other is carried and used. Truly fantastic pieces.

Finally, I have a Socom D/A that is possibly my favorite knife (got to consider my Cheyennes). I just admire it, play with it, and generally cherish it.

All these knives have their clips removed.
Suprised ?

Hello Bill Yes I am very surprised, but hey thats cool.. you must have a good reason, use the sheath?? I saw a very interesting Socom a while back at a swap meet..It was a titianium handled D/A clip point blade,I think? had blade stubs(both sides) but you could open it auto by pushing the clip..no button!!Very cool. Has anyone ever seen one of these? I wanted it so much! But the wife of mine would not let it happen..
It was like $350.
I snuck back next week but the dealer was not there..Bummer!! Anyway Great Knives!!
Bartman, sounds like the MT/Valloton Chameleon. Check it out at www.spearpoint.com in their knife review archives. The only thing is that knife in the custom version has a zytel handle and in the Microtech version has an aluminum handle. I don't believe they were made with Ti scales. $350 for the MT version is a great price.
Some of the older Microtech products used a special type of screw/driver called "Spline drive", which is a lot like torx, only the corners of each point are squared, instead of forming a "v" like with torx. Spline drivers come in bits and in "L" keys like hex keys, but they are very hard to get. The name of the company where I get my spline L-keys is McMaster Carr, here's some contact info:

Atlanta 404-346-7000
Chicago 630-833-0300
Cleveland 330-995-5500
LA 562-692-5911
NYC/Pliladelphia 732-329-3200

and the web:

Generally, the MT spline screws are the 6-flute variety (there's a 4-flute type also), and a diameter of .048, .060, or .072. On some of the newer MT stuff, they use regular torx screws and you can get those drivers at Sears, like stated above. I have an older Socom that had all spline screws in it, and my new M-UDT has both spline and torx! The M-UDT has spline handle screws, torx pivot screw, and torx clip screws. Sooner or later, you run into knife companies that use spline screws, that's why I bought the drivers (I hate not being able to take things apart!). Yes, like stated above, the clip screws are a very small torx size that Sears doesn't carry, like a T5 or T4. My local Sears only had a T6 as the smallest.