Nov 11, 1998
I just got my mini SOCOM from the Knife Outlet, and I could not be happier with this knife! I love everything about it: the size, the shape, the fit, the weight ... It's definitely the best knife (by far) that i've ever seen so far! It's very light, which is an important factor to me. It fits in my hand perfectly, and the ballance is good. The blade is scary sharp, and the serrations are great, as opposed to those on my BM mini AFCK, which are not very well done. I actually ordered a plain edge model, but i'm quite happy with the partially serrated one that I got instead.
The liner is very well made, even though it is just a little bit sticky. I'm sure it will get worn in and become perfectly smooth in time... And i love the thick thumb studs! these function well and make the knife look great (especially since I have a black blade on mine, and the bright studs stick out). The also works great as blade stoppers.
Blade lines are perfect. The handle feels great. I even like the clip, although many have mentioned that it rides too high in the pocket. It's fine for me.
One thing i noticed is the date on the blade. It says 1/99. I thought the knives were discontinued? Are they???
Anyways, I really love this knife. The quality is simply unparalleled! I still like my other knives, but they are not a match for this baby!!! Worth every cent I paid for it, no doubt.
Nice review.

How much is the Knife Outlet charging for the mini? I have been thinking of getting one of these pups myself.....


KnifeCenter currently has them on special.
I just got one via USPS today. The mini-socom is absolutely awesome. The fit and finish are excellent and sharpness is right on par with the Sebenzas and Spydercos. Alot of people complain about a stiff or gritty action. Mine opens just as smooth as my military and wegner jr. but not was smooth as a EDI Genesis or Sebenza. The clip is a little low for my tastes but not too bad. I think I've just been spoiled with the Genesis's clip. Overall, a very nice knife. It came with a nylon pouch and a plastic case. Although the size is very similar to the wegner jr. and the small sebenza the mini-socom seem to be a little more "delicate". Both the blade and the handle don't seem to be as "beefy". This knife will probably see more "office" duty as a result. This was my first Microtech and I must admit that I am impressed.
One suggestion, get the full sized one! Now that's the only folder I own that's truly an extension of my arm(Sebenza and mini Socom excluded, ofcourse). The fit and finish are perfect on all my MTs. BUt beware of the MT bug, I hear it can lead to serious addiction!


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I got mine for $140 including shipping from the Knife Outlet. Mine is the partially serrated, BlackT coated, clear handled model. Very neat looking.
Coming VERY soon- the Tanto version of the Mini SOCOM! they are actually on their way to right now, but only a dozen or so to start.We still have a few of the clip points left on special and they are a great deal.