Mini socom

Jan 27, 1999
traded a rifle (nice rifle) for a kimber 45 today and got a nib mini socom as part of the deal.....but not ONE allen wrench that i have will fit the pivot pin head...whats the deal....and let me tell you.....i have EVERY tool known to man.....the thing is really stiff too...hard to open...hard to close... i measured the lock...its almost .060 thick! i like that its made out of 154cm...also the name etch is pretty shoody...i thought these were supposed to be the cadillac of factory knives....and before i rile up all you microtech fans...i know this is just one knife...but its the only one ive ever seen. i wanted to loosen the pivot so it would be quicker....



Do NOT loosen the pivot pin as this will not have any effect on the death grip of the pivot. These knives are a press fit and the pin really only serves to hold the blade in place.

What you need to do is real simple. The tolerences on these knives are extremely tight. Just take a little Rem-Oil,Break Free, or other suitable lubricant and apply to the pivot area. Then hold the handle in one hand and the top of the blade with the other hand and sit yourself down in front of the TV. Now, open and close the knife (without opening enough to lock it)about a zillion
times and oila', you now will have one of the smoothest actions around.(doing this actually polishes the blade and lessens the tolerences just a hair).

Now, after you have spent all that time making the knife nice and smooth, you might want to give it a few "spine whacks" because the mini's have been known to fail.Beautiful knife but I just don't trust those locks anymore, and why I stopped carrying them.

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Hello Tom;
This is the knife that the lock failed, and almost took off my finger !! I was cutting some corrugated card board and it got hung up, I pulled back and it folded up half way through my finger. Many stitches, and many other stories of this knife being much less then advertised. I notice they are pushing the new improved lock !!

Actualy the pivot is a "Spline" drive and not a Torx or Allen (although one can be persuaded to fit). You can get them through McMaster-Carr ( MSC industrial.

And Senator is correct, you cant adjust the pivot it will have no effect.


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