mini-task v. 2415SBT

Oct 16, 1998
I have a policy of never buying a knife until I've held it (a hard line to toe given the enticing descriptions one reads here, & the easy availability of on-line shopping!) which served me in good stead today. I have been wanting a mini-task, but only found a physical specimen today. Despite the warnings I read on this forum, I STILL managed to slice open my thumb the first time I tried to open the thing!! And it's not even as fast or as comfortable in the hand as I imagined, by a long shot. Then the salesman showed me a model I had never looked twice at, the liner-lock 2415SBT. Teflon-coated handle, tip-up carry, coated blade, and man that sucker flicks out FAST! Much faster than the mini-task, in fact, and with none of the attendant dangers of self-mutilation; something about the double-detent system makes it jump out seemingly by it's own power, just as the mini does . . . but for half the price to boot. BUT, I know nothing about the quality or durability of the knife. Does anyone own one? I think the teflon-coating is rather new, but the design itself has been around a while. Also, I think it's AUS6A steel? how does that hold up? Any comments appreciated.