Mini Texas Toothpick

Dec 10, 1998
Here is a mini texas toothpick that I have finished. This is the 4th slip-joint that I have made. I like making them, it's something other than a linerlock. I was able to keep the top corner of the tang hidden to keep the look clean. The blade is 3-9/16 inches long, flat ground and made of Jerry Rados ladder pattern damascus. You should see the way it shimmers in the light. Front and rear bolsters are titanium that have been anodized a gold/bronze color. The liners are also titanium and have been anodized a similar color. The scales are brown pen shell and look a lot like tortoise shell. The screws have been heat colored gold and the backbar fileworked. Great walk and talk with a half stop. There is an elephant ivory blade rest on the inside. Overall length is 8 inches.
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Mar 21, 2005
Wow, that is really sleek Chuck. I love the color combination of the scales the the ano'd bolsters.

Have you given any thought to making multi-blade slipjoints, like maybe a trapper or a muskrat?


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Jul 15, 2003
STOP using slotted heads on the scale material, will ya, for cripes sake?:mad:

Otherwise, it is another stunning knife that you have made.

Where is the nail nick?

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STeven Garsson