Mini X-Ray Vision VS. Mini-Griptilian

Dec 31, 2002
just when you thought you pretty much narrowed it down, another contender for EDC comes along... SOG's mini x-ray vision! let's compare it to the BM mini-griptilian 556...

length open: 7" (SOG) 6.75" (BM)
length closed: 4" (SOG) 3.75" (BM)
blade length: 3" (SOG) 2.9" (BM)
blade material: ats-34 (SOG) 440c (BM)
handle material: zytel (SOG) noryl GTX (BM)
locking method: arc-lock (SOG) axis (BM)
clip: reversible bayonet clip (SOG) reversible clip (BM)
weight: 2.6 oz (SOG) 2.56 oz (BM)
price: $70 (SOG) $59 (BM)

i will have to check these out and try how they feel in my hand etc. but is there any other conclusions one can make just by looking at the specs? how is ats-34 compared to 440c when it comes to bladesteel? and zytel vs noryl gtx for handle, it's pretty much the same isn't it? (bm should have a better grip, or maybe not?), when it comes to lock from what i understand arc-lock and axis are pretty much equal, anyone thinking otherwise?

this new clip for the SOG seems great to me:
""low-carry" clip that keeps the knife hidden within a pocket or vest. In fact, when it's clipped-on, one can only see the clip and not the knife handle."

that can be a big factor when chosing at least for me since i want to have it concealed...
and i must admit that the actual blade seems thicker and more robust on the SOG compared to the BM's griptilian, see foryourself:


weight is a big factor too, i don't want something that's too heavy or big for carrying in pocket... but the weigh pretty much the same, the SOG having a slightly longer blade and it SEEMS thicker/more robust... don't know if it really is?

then it's the finish... bm 556 got 'satin' and SOG got 'bead blast' don't know the difference here... fill me in!

hmm what else... mini-grip suppose to have a little thick handle because of the 'grip', is it thicker than the SOG handle??

i've read a lot of good things about mini-griptilian, in fact i haven't read anything bad about it ;)
so it would be nice to hear som opinions on the mini x-ray from SOG... how is SOG in general compared to BM as a company?

thanks for any views...
a wtf, i just read that the mini x-ray vision doesn't come with a plain edge?! tell me it isnt so :(