Miny Review of MT LCC DA

Jan 11, 2000
I've only had it for a day and a half but I have used it on everything I needed a knife for.
It's a plain black blade. When folded the blade is centered between the handles. Fit and finish is nearly flawless. Things like screws centered in holes, no tool marks on screws, no gaps between bolsters and handle slabs, no scratches or any other marks from assembly, all edges smooth.
Lockup is solid. Just like the MA version, very reassuring. No blade play in any direction, deployed manually or auto.
Action is smooth. Deployed manually it feels like my Sebenza. When you fire it, hang on because that big blade is moving fast. It's almost as fast as my LUDT. It is also very smooth. I don't think accidental release is going to be a problem because it is a very deliberate movement to fire it. The bolster release is pure genius. I had a chance to show a couple of buds the knife and they couldn't figure it out. Even after I told them how to release it was still hard for them to do it. I showed them the mechanism and how it locked and then there were no problems.
The edge was shaving sharp out of the box, no suprise there. The bevels were even on both sides. The edge wasn't finished to a mirror shine, but that is not something I am really concerned with. This is a user for me and polished edges while nice, don't really last too long. The blade steel is 154CM. I used the knife to slice tomatoes, open some boxes, eat a steak and scrape a gasket off of my VW Beetle. It excelled in all areas. I normally don't use a knife like this to scrape gaskets but I wanted to see how the black finish would hold up. I thought I scratched it up pretty good but after I wiped it off no marks, I was quite suprised.
It was still shaving sharp at the end of the day.
It is very comfortable to hold and use for an extended period. It wasn't very hot so my hands really didn't sweat, so I can't really comment on the "sweat grip."
The pocket clip is cool, it has a little shark on it like the MA version does. The clip sits high so it rides low in the pocket, tip up. The clip is very secure and I haven't had any problems with it yet, although I have heard some people don't really like the clip.
It comes with a standard MT nylon sheath with Greg Lightfoot's shark logo on it. The sheath is set up for vertical or horizontal carry.
The blade has dual thumbstuds for ambi manual deployment. I am righty and tried to open it with lefty and with a little practice no problem. You just have to use your left index finger.
The knife can be closed with one hand deployed both ways. It was a little tricky with lefty but with practice......
If I had to pick one word to describe the knife it would be solid. The minute you pick it up you know. While kind of heavy it has good balance. I have med/lg hands and it is comfortable to hold, I can get my whole fist around the handle.
Overall a great knife. If you consider what they cost it makes it an outstanding knife.
Go buy one.

Very good review Jeff. I have to agree with all of your points, even though I currently only have the MA. I have no reason to doubt that the DA I am eagerly awaiting will perform as flawlessly as the one you described.