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Oct 5, 1998
For what it's worth I just got the new alumnum handle MIRAGE #7713 1/2 and 1/2 and I am VERY impressed with the quality of this knife. I paid $41.25 and think it was well worth it...CRTK is one to watch for!!!

Hi Keith - I agree with you - CRKT is definitely a company to keep watch over. I highly recommend the Mirage series to anyone who is looking for a quality folder at very reasonable prices. Looking forward to getting a hold of their Carson M16's. These folders are very well made with unbelievably low prices (Frankly, I don't see how CRKT can do this

Dexter Ewing
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I second the opinion on the Mirages. I have a small plain egde Zytel model, and think it is one of the most solid knives I own. As nearly everyone notes, the AUS6M blade may not hold an edge as long as ATS-34 or other, higher zoot steels, but it sharpens quickly and takes an excellent edge.

Non-knife Knuts will see the Mirage and think that it's a much more expensive item than it really is. That's a pretty good endorsement in itself.

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Brought the zytel a while back. Liked it for it's solid, over all feel, and price. Upgraded to an aluminum model. Like this too. Gave away zytel to friend. He likes it too.

I've been carrying the large Mirage daily for a number of months. For the first couple of months I carried it in my front pocket with my change - and found the loose change actually dulled the part of the knife where the change can get through the hole and impact the blade. I sharpened it several times before I finally figured this out - duh! I now carry it using the clip in my back pocket. Other than pocket wear this seems to work.

I love this knife. It cuts well, is easy to sharpen and is really inexpensive considering the quality. I believe others have already given KUDOS to Jim Hammond - I add mine. Thanks Jim for a quality product everyone can afford.

Only one minor complaint. Although the knife has a real nice feel when holding it, sometimes it feels just a little slippery. This is not a concern for a working knife, but for defensive deployment (probably never happen) it is a consideration.

I liked the knife enough to give the smaller version to my daughter on her 18th birthday.
I purchased the smaller one for my son for Christmas. He loves it. He uses it constantly at work and looking at getting the larger model at a later date.

Has anyone checked out the Buck Odyssey 1? for $32.00 you get an ats-34 w/ oblong thumb hole and a real interesting shape, but not sure what the handles made of? 3" blade,4 1/2" handle, stainless liners and clip, not to shabby!!Gonna check out the Mirage for my daughter.. thanks Bart
Hi folks,

I'm glad to hear the nice things you've all been saying about the Mirage. I like the look of it too and have been thinking about getting one. I have one thought that keeps running through my head, though. I'm thinking about removing the Zytel handle scales and replacing them with something else, probably wood.

Does anybody know about whether the scales are removable? Are they just screwed on or epoxied? I would find this a much more attractive knife (in the sense that I'd be more likely to purchase it) if I knew that I could reasonably think about replacing the scales.

Thanks for any info you might have.

Paul Neubauer
Got my Mirage back in Dec., the larger, plainedged, Zytel model. I am amazed at the quality of it. It ranks up there with my best production folders. If I have a complaint at all, it would be that the thumb studs really catch on my pockets as I withdraw the knife. CRKT is indeed proving that Made In Taiwan on a knife does NOT necessarily mean low quality ... when I first heard of CRKT I admit I had some reservations about buying a knife made in Taiwan. But in this case, I've seen the light! I'm sure that has something to do with their ability to keep their prices lower. The very same knives made in Japan, Germany, or the States would cost 2 to 3 times as much. I'm now considering the possibility of buying the smaller version as well.
Oh, well...!
The small Mirage is just as nice as the big one. I bought both, but prefer the larger because it fits my hand better.

The only real difference I noticed was the little one doesn't click in as loudly when it locks the way my large one does. The large one has a real satifying click - love it.

Mine also catches on the pocket when it comes out. I now put in just a little twist and it seems to slide right out.
Glad to hear that others like the CRKT Mirage(s) too. My review of the small-plain-Zytel version can be found in the Knowledge Base of BladeForums (Articles/Reviews). Here's a direct address:


Sorry I didn't get it as active, but copy and paste works, of course. And sorry I haven't been able to put pictures in it.

I wrote the review for maybe four months ago. No significant new experiences yet. Haven't really used the knife much thus far.


Your review rings true to me. Should save a few posts, or at least shorten them a bit.
Thanks, Bob.

"Should save a few posts, or at least shorten them a bit.
" Hmmm... what should I think of that?

I enjoy everyone's experiences and thoughts of the knives I happen to be somewhat familiar with. The function of reviews might be to help getting a bit deeper more easily. And they do offer some starting points for comparisons and contrasting experiences/thoughts (all in the name of advancing collective knife-related knowledge). But of course I'm ashamed to refer to my own reviews.

The sole reason for me not to carry my Mirage regularly, is just the fact that the ambi-stud snags and the knife doesn't seat in my pocket as snugly as my Endura 98 (nothing, in fact does, thus far).


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No offense meant on the "shorten them a bit".
What I meant was we posters don't need to reflect what's already covered by your thorough review. We can stick to our own subjective observations and tips. Example - my Mirage thumb studs also grab my pocket when I try to pull it straight out. My solution - just give it a little twist (counterclockwise) and it slides right out.

These subjective observations are important to me in deciding whether or not to buy a knife. This is one of the reasons I find BladeForums so interesting. Peace and prosperity to all.
The studs on the Mirage grabs more some others because it has those little ridges on it. I prefer to carry it my jacket these days.

I have to admit. I didn't care for the Spydie hole/hump look earlier on. But, it's grown on me more because in a front pocket carry, you don't have to remember to do that "twist" thing. As an example, the AFCK slides right out whereas the thumbdisk on the Stryker sort of scapes on the way out, thought it's still better than the mirage thumbstuds.

Off thread but I couldn't resist as I watch all my right jean pocket seams get worn faster than the rest of the pants.


I finally got my Mirage in the mail. It's a pretty solid knife, though I have one problem.

I bought the aluminum-handled version...and the handle feels slippery. Perhaps my hands are just too slick, but I can't get a really solid grip on the handle. Is it just me, or are other people having this kind of problem?

Yes. The Zytel has a slightly better grip than the aluminum, though I like the more solid feel of the latter. The blade steel of the aluminum is a little better. I accidentally chipped the blade of zytel model but was able to regrind it pretty easy with a rough stone.

I bought the small models and don't expect to put much pressure or a death grip on them. So, it didn't really brother me that the aluminum was less grippy.


I have exactly the same problem with the slightly slippery handle. I posted that sometime earlier, not sure if it was this thread or another one.

One solution I've been considering is to purchase some skateboard tape or other really good tape which won't easily come off. Another solution would be to spray something on it. Not sure what to spray though.

Anybody out there have a really good solution for this problem? CRKT Mirage owners NEED to know.
I recently got the smaller Mirage plainedge as well. I must say, this one carries more comfortably. I don't have quite the same problem of thumbstud snagging pocket as with the large one. And it's solid but hardly noticeable when you carry it all day. Jim