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Mirage Titanium

Jul 19, 2000
The new Mirage Titanium is 3.5 inches long by .25" wide and the blade is 2 3/8".

It is just the right size for a high quality small pocket frame locking folder I've
been seeking. The fit and finish are very, very good!
The blade lines up directly down the center of the frame. The degree of angle on the ground edge is virtually equal on both sides of the blade.

The edge is perfect with absolutely no flaws. The tip is a real splinter picker! The lockup is bank vault tight and the action is silky smooth.

A couple of things I have found worth reporting to you:

- the thumb studs are a little aggressive. When inserting the knife's clip onto my pocket of my jeans, the little Mirage opens slightly! The stud snags/hits the pocket seam and bumps the blade open .25 of an inch. Just enough to surprise me when inserting my hand into the same pocket and yes, it nicked my finger tip.

The blade is extremely sharp on of the box.

I could repeat the "accidental" opening several times in slow motion.

The sharp cornered thumb studs hang up going into the pocket on the seam, and hang up coming out.

-another impression is that the titanium frame is a bit slick. My suggestion is that it could use a few grooves to make a firmer non slip grip on the handle near the lariat hole. Possibly even on the sides of
the frame. I'd hate to loose my grip on this little sharp wonder!

-I put my own lariat on the knife, so that I can slip my hand through it and secure the knife with a cord loosely wrapped around my wrist. (it's just a 20 inch piece of cord that I tied together with two inches of the
extra cord length as a tail.) I cut the tape off a lot of boxes! I can close the knife and safely let it dangle from my wrist until I need it for the next "job". I don't like putting a knife down. I loose track of them quickly. With the lariat I can also put the Mirage at the bottom of my pocket and just "fish" out the lariat and have it in my hand
quickly when needed.

Overall, the knife causes me to be more careful when putting into my pocket and taking it out, if I'm using the clip. With this cautionary adjustment, the Mirage Titanium is a superb high-tech gentleman's frame locking pocket knife. It's a joy to use. Perfect as an everyday pocket
knife, a great size for jackets, slacks, jeans, briefcases, my wife's purse, etc.

If you can't afford the Umfaan, get this little gem!


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Originally posted by Terry:
When inserting the knife's clip onto my pocket of my jeans, the little Mirage opens slightly! The stud snags/hits the pocket seam and bumps the blade open .25 of an inch.
I tried it out in the shop this afternoon and the same happened to me, unfortunately with the result of the point making a small hole in my trousers. That's <em>not</em> the knife I choose today because of that. <small>(The small S-2 was just a bit heavier, but more about it later in a new thread.)</small>

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Is the knife fairly thin? I thought that the small Mirages where perhaps a bit thick for their size.

Given the problems in clipping it to the pocket, I wonder if one could put it in those clipped cases that come with the William Henry knives.
Summerland - the ti Mirage is thinner than the rest of the other Mirages. The others use a double liners under scales type construction. The ti Mirage has two thin ti scales and that's it.

Terry - that's a great little knife, ain't it?
I got mine a few days ago and (once again) very satisfied with the quality to price point ratio that CRKT puts out. I carry mine in the bottom of the pocket. It's small, thin, and lightweight enough that it rides in the bottom very comfortably. The thumb studs are a bit of a problem though. The knife's been carried clipped to the pocket a few times and the stud always hangs up on the lip upon withdraw; though have not experienced any inadvertent openings yet. Maybe if they used rounded faced studs this might solve the problem. In spite of this, great little knife!

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Originally posted by Summerland:
Is the knife fairly thin?
Yes, it seems to be scaled down in all respects. If I remember right it was the same thickness as my small S-2, and that's 8 mm excepting the clip (which I've removed).

I have had problems with the accidental openings as well.I like the knife otherwise but it stays on my mantel because it has cut holes in too many pockets.I would suggest that if someone wants a small knife look to spyderco.
Thanks for all your posts. I had one on order to carry in Chicago because of the blade length restriction. I will cancel the order. I guess I will now order an UFAAN or whatever its called from Reeve.

Thanks for your comments and concerns with the new Titanium Mirage. Terry and I discussed behind the scenes some issues regarding the thumbstud. Your concerns have been conveyed to CRKT. I have recommended the viable alternatives and changes to remedy this issue. Adjustments and changes will be implemented to greatly minimize or eliminate the problem and the improvements will be incorporated into this model at the earliest possible time. Thanks for your feeback on this product.

Best regards,
Jim Hammond
Dear Jim,

Thanks for your positive and informative reply! I'd like to be one of the first ones to get the "improved" Mirage Ti and report back to the group in this forum.

Thanks again for your time and effort getting these issues moved up a notch or two at CRKT!
Hope to see you in November at the NY Show.

Best regards,


When the inproved model is available I will buy one, until then I have ordered a Warren Thomas with 2.5" blade at a considerable difference in cost. I surveyed what was out there in this size and did not purchase the UNFAAN because Reeve does not and will not put a clip on this model and will not make a Sesbenza with a clip and 2.5" blade. When you go into Production, you cannot satisfy customers wants and needs!
Originally posted by Summerland:
Now that's what I call speedy and professional!
Sure, but not enough of either, unfortunately. This should have been found out before they were shipped. (Or if it was, it should have been dealt with before they were shipped.) It's not like it's some kind of defect which only shows up after a long time of wear and tear and because of that is hard find before the model is put into production, is it?