Missin you brother..

Oct 3, 1998
Hope the hunting is good up there Rob.. Till we see you again, keep watching over us my friend... For those that arent aware Rob left us on this date 3 years ago. We wont ever forget you pal.
just want to share my experience with simonich knives, though postumously. i have spoken to christine several times, mostly through emails. a very classy lady and a fantastic product.
i only wish i had known about simonich knives before his death.
I had the priviledge of meeting Rob Simonich at the 2002 Atlanta Blade show. He impressed me as a prince of a man and a very kind and genuine person to boot.

I read about his accidental death in the fall of 2003 when I got that month's edition of Tactical Knives. Even though I never had one of his knives and did not know him personally it still really bothered me. And it bothered me for a couple of days afterwards.

There are some people that when you meet them just one time you can sense they are indeed very good hearted and genuine people. That was the very first but very lasting impression I got from Mr. Simonich. I also read his story about how he got his start in knife making. It was very interesting, intriguing and encouraging. It was like reading an exciting novel with a great ending. I have no doubt that he is in heaven and when my time comes I do hope to join him, Bill Moran and many others that I have met in this field that have gone on to the other shore.

My prayers go out to his family as I did pray for them when I heard the bad news 3 years ago. I am glad this section here on Bladeforums dedicated to his knives lives on. GOD knows he deserves it. Thank you all for your time. Joe Dotson aka JD Spydo