Mission has just moved

Oct 3, 1998
Mission just went thru a massive move and by the time everything came together we actually started last Wed. instead of the planned Monday. This meant that the telephone people couldn't make the schedule and we finally got the phones up late Friday afternoon (today being Sunday). We were lucky and were able to keep the same phone and fax numbers, although, the ISDN line (for fax and computer) won't be in until Mon. Therefore, we have been without communications. For those getting bounced emails, hopefully we will be getting them all on Mon/Tues.

Our new address is:
13805 Alton Parkway, Suite D
Irvine, CA. 92618

Our new facility is 4X the size of our old place (i.e., now we have plenty of room for our new milling machines, laser cutter, and Siepmann grinders we are in the process of purchasing) and backs up to the new El Toro/ Orange County airport that looks like will be going in - so it will be an easy commute for all of those that will want to visit.

Same phone and fax:

Thanks for all,
I'm glad you cleared this up because I've tried reaching you over voice mail and email for the last few weeks without success.