Mission Knives MPK-10 A2


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Oct 2, 1998
You know, sometimes I'm just so late to the fray! I recently received this MPK 10" in A2 steel in a trade. I have to admit, I'M IMPRESSED! My ol' friend Bob Allman, (Bald1), recommended this one to me three years ago but I wasn't interested. Now that I have one, I have to say this really is a nice piece.

I have stubby hands and the handle, even though on the large size, fits my hand nicely. Mission really did a good job on the handle and it seems as strong as one could ask for. The knife has a handy camp/utility, partially serrated blade that can even be used as a chopper in a pinch because it has a nice "weight forward" balance. Another thing I like is that for a right hander, the serrations are on the "correct" side, that is the right side of the blade. You don't see a lot of blades, even those exclusively made for right handers, with the serrations where they SHOULD be. I'm not a fan of serrations but these are nice. The whole package has a great industrial but quality feel to it. It just seems to sit up and beg, "use me"! The sheath is a little bulky for my taste but it works. Also, the black coating on the blade isn't worth much but what coating is?

I like this thing and if anyone is considering a quality, camp/utility, or truck or trunk fixed blade at a great price point, it's worth your time to check one out. I would love to give one of these in titanium a try!
I have the 12" titanium MPK....go ahead and give one a try!

The "light as a feather" feel might confuse you for awhile and it's NOT a chopper but it just keeps cutting even when it feels dull and if you are out and about the seaside you will never have to worry about corrosion of any kind.:)