May 23, 1999
I've heard that Mission Knives is coming out with a steel version of the MPF. It's been a year now and I've heard nothing about it? What's up with that?
Hi, funny that you posted this now, I just called today to get a price for the stell bladed model. He said that he just got the blades heat treated, and has to coat and serrate them. He is running about 1.5 months behind, and they should definately be available in 2 months.

I cant wait either for them to come out

Dark Nemesis

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All the knives in the world go round and round, round and round, round and round...DAMN, one of them took my wallet !!! :)
Thanks for the replay guys. Viet, I read somewhere that you own a MPF. How do you like it? How's the quality? Is the MPF comparable to the Sebenza in terms of precision? Very few knives, even customs even come close to the Sebenza's precision, IMHO. I like the MPF, it's like a extra large sebenza.
KAJNIN, I actually own three MPFs. The Sebenza is an excellent cutter and the MPF is an excellent folding pry bar that can also cut. Fit and finish, the standard Sebenza has an edge over the MPF. Functionally, the MPF is better due to its strength and low corrosion factor.

I liken the Sebenza to a Colt Python and the MPF to a S&W 686. If I was shooting in a competion the Colt will be used, but if I was going into the bush then the S&W will go with me.

I think NamViet Vo hit the nail right on the head with his analogy. The MPF does definitely seem much more suited for heavy duty use; the lack of need for extra care is like iciing on the cake!

One observation for you, however: The MPF, like many contemporary 'tactical folders' has a decided inferior blade-to-handle ratio; it has about the same edge length as the notably smaller Large Sebenza. On the flipside, the defined finger groove/guard and overall handle shape of the MPF is definitely much more ergonomic than the squarish blockiness of the 'benza's grip.