Mission MPF-3

Sep 16, 2005
Once again, QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY plus fast friendly service too boot, Steve as always your THE MAN. Got the knife this morning and everything is SOLID and WELL DONE. Your MO is inbound.

Thanks again man as always everything was just First Class.

Take it easy

Thanks Mike. You are too kind. I should have taken some pics of that pristine pretty nice new MPF-3 while it was hear before Mike beats the shit out of it! :D Just mailed it out though. All I did was slap a piece of ti in the nested part of the lock side thats milled out for the clip to fit into. Its now a lock hyper extension block so he doesn't lose the tension by pushing it out too far if it should stick on him and require a good push to release the lock and free up the blade in the future. Since Mike doesn't use a clip and carries the knife deep its the best way to go for him.

Other than mine being tapped for a clip its basically identical to it. http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=174061&d=1279993224

Steve, I will post some pix of the knife as it has not seen carry time yet so it is still "fresh" if you will.

I'll take some pix tomorrow at work and post em up. Rolf, nice to know your still alive.
Sounds good. Rolf, these nested plates are the same cost as one of my clips. I have to hand fit one to each knife. They are each unique. I've done five and each one only fits on the knife the plate was made for. For example Mike's plate and my own will not swap to fit. My plate is longer and his is wider than mine. Go figure.