Mission MPF and Microtech SOCOM

May 1, 1999
I have been looking at both, unsure of which is better as a defensive folder. I like the finger guard on each--I DON'T like the Titanium on the Mission (as compared to the SOCOM's ATS-34)...but I like the lock on the Mission Better.

Which do you feel is a better Defensive Folder...? I would really like some help.

If a review has been done on these, just point me in the right direction... thanks.

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I beleive there is a M-2 version of the MPF in the works, or is already made.

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I think that, unless you really need it for it's nonmagnetic signature and over the top corrosion resistance, the RC45 hardened Ti blade on the Mission is a real drawback. It won't take as keen an edge as ATS-34. The handle seems to be designed around a gloved hand with exaggerated thumb studs and ergonomics that I didn't particularly care for. In spite of the apparently superior lock design, the lock up on the piece I handled was wobbly and sticky to release.

OTOH, I love the SOCOM!

I would wait for the top model of these


It's the MPF with the A2 blade. They should come out later this year. The lockup is more precise and less sticky than on the all titanium version, but it still get's very tight after a white knuckle grip. This is good as there is NO way you could accidentally disengage the lock. The handle is full size, that's for sure, but the ergonomics is great, the material superior and you don't have these Kraton inserts which will come off after a while.
The SOCOMs are nice knifes, but as a defensive folder you can't beat the A2 MPF. It is the right stuff.
The problem is the price, if you are on a tight budget, you should go with the SOCOM. You could get them used here from the forum.

Thank you very much... I am anxiously awaiting the steel version MPF, as a magnetic signature is not really a top concern for me.


Mighty Jessit.
The things we do for the knives we love.