Mission MPF in Stainless???

Jan 10, 1999
I heard, rather read in a magazine article, that Mision was going to be making their Ti MPF with an ATS-34 blade. Anybody know if this is true, and where to get one? I like the knife a lot, but an all-Ti knife is mucho dinero.

We are working on steel blades for our folders. Also, we are working on a "lightweight" series called the MPF3 and MPF4, both will have steel blades. The steel we have chosen for blade material is A2. Of course, there sill also be stell bladed version of the MPF1 (shortly).

Hope this answers your question.


Where are your knives available? I tried the links page but it shows no dealers.

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We are in the process of redoing the whole website - with help from Spark. In my opinion, Spark is one of THE BEST web developers I have met!!

One of the things we will add - links to preferred dealers. We need to go thru all of our files and see who has been supporting us the best. Mike Turber will be on the list, as well as CFI, Scott Moore, and others.

Please call us or email us for their phone numbers.

Actually, Mission Knives' new site is completely finished, however, due to some problems it is not live yet.

The problems are entirely on my end, and have nothing to do with Mission, I'm just having difficulty uploading the new site due to my ISP.

But, hopefully, once it's uploaded everyone will be happy.


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We will be handeling the full line from Mission. Although as a distributor I will not be able to sell direct I can refer you to dealers who will be selling them as soon as we get them in stock.

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Let me know when and where I can get the new stainless MPF when available. Thank you.

Eliot: Keep in mind that this knife is NOT stainless, A2 is a high carbon steel, used by other manufacturers as well (Chris Reeve fixed blades comes to mind). As Rick has stated in other posts the blades will be coated with a new Ti coating to improve corrosion resistance.

By the way, I recommend Scott Moore at MOOREKNIVES@aol.com as a dealer. Nice guy.
Here is a good website to look up info on steels - http://www.crucibleservice.com/cscd/crutool.htm

But, in the meantime, here are the specs on A2.....

A2 is an air hardening tool steel with high wear resistance and good toughness. Its combination of properties makes it well suited to a wide variety of tooling applications, particularly molding and processing of abrasive plastics.

Typical Applications
Blanking Dies
Forming Tools
Thread Roll Dies
Trim Dies
Shear Blades
Wear Inserts

C 1.00
Cr 5.25
V 0.25
Mo 1.10

Here is also a GREAT paper called "Selecting High Performance Tool Steels"


A lot of great info on the crucible site.