Mission MPF

Oct 3, 1998
Anybody have one of these? What do you think?
Webpage picture of the MPF M2 steel tanto looks nice.
And who are the internet dealers who sell Mission Knives?

I've had a beta ti bladed one for awhile now. After dehorning it a little, I like it a lot. Its tough, light and even w/the beta ti blade, cuts and stays sharp decently well. It would make the perfect knife if you were going to say hike the Pacific Crest trail or something and needed something corrosion proof, foolproof and light.
Also, if your not a frequent glove wearer, the rounded opening pin/stud would probably serve you better; and if you ever need it, customer service from Mission is first rate too.

I would like to add on to what Brian has stated. Besides being light and easy to manipulate while wearing gloves, I've found the MPF to be very easy to resharpen. It takes an edge very well, due to the titanium's low Rc 45 rating. So for those who use a knife a lot in the field, maintaining the MPF in the field is very quick and very easy.

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Gregory by your name I can tell you're a man with good taste.

I recently acquired an older MPF with long thumb studs after reading the extensive thread started by Cobalt in the Knife Reviews forum (prob around 30 days ago). Read this as a lot of questions you might will be answered before you need to ask them. As for my experience, the knife was extremely comfortable to hold, scales are very thick, cutting edge profiled well and reasonably sharp considering the Ti blade. I encountered a problem with my piece being excessively wobbly on lockup (the knives are designed to have a very minimal amout of play to resist galling). Talked with John at Mission and he was happy to take it back. So I am currently without my folder but am confident that they will do me right.

Oops, one more thing- my dealer was Scott Moore at MOOREKNIVE@aol.com and I recommend him highly. Fair and fast.

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Thanks to the generosity of Rick and John at Mission, I was allowed to purchase one of the new tanto A2 prototypes. And I can tell you it's worth waiting for!!!

As mentioned, the MPF has IMHO the best big folder handle on the market right now. The only back draw on the current all titanium MPF was for some the blade material. That's gonna change soon. A2 being the steel of choice you can look forward to one mean son of a blade. The tanto might not have the utilitarian efficiency of the current form, but it is wicked and extremely well engineered. It is pointy like a needle, the grind lines are perfect and make for a razor sharp edge and the coating is the best I’ve seen on a tool steel blade. What I also noticed is that the balance of the knife change to it’s advantage. The all titanium version has the light feel of a toy, but the new is perfectly balanced and feels like a “real” knife. Mine has the shorter, rounded opening studs of the civilian version, which I actually prefer above the longer, edgy military version.
Being a pre-production knife, it has a patch in form of a steel ball set into the stop pin on the spine. That was necessary due to the fact that the blade didn’t fit exactly. Now it does, and the final version won’t have that ball anymore. The steel blades are going to be without any play which distinguishes them from the beta-alloy blades.

The tanto A2 MPF comes therefore as closest to the oxymoron “tactical folder” as technical possible. The choice of material, form, fit and finish are excellent. It almost doesn’t get any better when it comes to big folders. For a general full size utility knife, I wish they would manufacture the current clip point style in A2. But I’m sure that will come eventually.

If anybody is interested in high quality scans of this knife, he/she can drop me an email, I got a color scanner now.