Mission MPF

Mar 20, 1999
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I am considering getting one of these for really hard everyday use. I called Mission and they are not going to release the A-2 version for another 3-4 months. In light of this I think I am going to get on of the Titanium versions.

Few questions.......We all know that titanium does not have "as" good edge retension as steel, but does the quality they use have better than average edge retension than most titanium blades ? Will it take a "scary" sharp edge ?

Have you had experience using this as your everyday knife, if so would you recommend it ?

Thanks in advance.

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Dark :

We all know that titanium does not have "as" good edge retension as steel

This is only true on soft materials. Where the Ti blades should have a significant advantage is when you start cutting harder materials and the blade should resist deformation stronger than a steel one - the net result being that the Ti blade will have better edge retention. Not to mention that the corrosion resistance factor.

Anyway, with a folder with the design of the Mission MPF, which seems to literally scream for heavy duty use, it makes sense to me for the blade to be optomized to work under stressful conditions. Ti would not be the blade material I would want if I was going to be cutting up boxes and rope, but then again I would not really require the strength of the MPF to do that either.

As for the edge, I have not used one, but I have spent considerable time talking to those that do and the basic answer to how sharp they can get is yes you can put a shaving sharp edge on Ti and it will take a coarse edge nicely as well.

The MPF in Ti retails at $386. I would expect the A2 version to be significantly lower. For the MPK going from Ti to A2 is a $100 price drop.

I take it you are a bit put off by the price Tim
. If mine does what Rick said it can then its worth the $400 to me.

I have a ti MPF and it is plenty sharp.It feels a little different running a finger along the edge[very carefully].I think that it is because the edge has more tooth.It cuts extremely well and is very tough.I wouldn`t want to shave with it though.It almost cuts as if it was serrated.
Overall,I think it is a top notch knife, especially in high corrosion hard duty application.
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Namviet Vo tested a Mission titanium knife along with some other knives and he said edge retention was worse than 425 stainless. As I recall he said it made a good pry bar. Don't trust my memory, though, read http://www.knifeforums.com/ubb/Forum18/HTML/000289.html for yourself.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Cliff thinks of his when it arrives. I wouldn't be surprised if titanium's edge retention relative to steel varies greatly with the materials you're cutting.

-Cougar Allen :{)