Mission MPK

Jan 20, 1999
Has anyone seen or handled one of the Mission A2 steel MPK's? I'm interested in purchasing one but would like some feedback as to the feel, functionality, and overall impressions of this knife.
I have three here in the shop. The balance is excellent and overall feel of the knife is one of confident strength. The cutting edge is extremely sharp and the grind is precision. The grip appears to be identical to the Titanium MPK and as such is very comfortable and secure in your hand. It is very well suited to heavy-duty use. I believe the retail price is in the $200.00 range. At that price I consider it one of the best dollar for dollar buys of an upper-end quality knife available. Please ask any specific questions you might have and I'll do my best to answer them. If you decide to buy one you will not be disappointed.
What Scott said. Definately a "best buy" from ergonomics/ weight standpoint. We'll be getting one for review and you'll get to see how it stands up performance wise as well.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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What is Mission's warrenty policy? Is it different on the Ti and A2 versions?