Mission Site, Hey Spark, they fire you yet? ;)


Feb 26, 1999
Just kidding, really. Please don't lynch me.
Actually, the title of the post does bring home a point about Spark. The other day, I noticed Spark was on-line via ICQ, and shot off a quick message to him saying the same thing. His response was LOL. He took the message as the light joke it was meant to be. Now I gotta tell you, this Spark guy is one decent sort. I first ran across him almost a year ago, and we took an immediate dislike to each other. We shared some heated posts on other boards and some real smokers via e-mail. Spark took the attitude that he really didn't care what my beliefs were, the facts of the matters would prove his point, without being high and mighty about it.. He was right. In the end, the facts did support his view, but he did share some insights with me that were not immediately apparent to the casual poster. Over the next few months, we developed a mutual respect for each other via e-mail, ICQ, and the Chat. I would say that 99 44/100 % of the people in here aren't aware of the time he puts in to keep things running smooth. My day usually starts at 3:00 AM EST, and I can't begin to count the number of times that he is on-line doing maintenance or tweaking in here. I consider myself to be a minor bit player in the grand scheme of these and other forums, yet Spark always takes the time to respond to every message or mail that I send him, ya gotta respect that. Now I would consider Spark to be the typical ELU (GAWD I HATE THAT TERM!!), in that when he started out, his idea of a knife was a POS made from some unfortunate freighter wrecked off the coast of Pakistan. Now the guy can hold his own in any discussion of steel types, design, heat treat or most any other aspect knives in general. In the past year, I have seen him go from casual knife user to bona fide knife knut.( I knew you had it in you all along Bud). Mike Turber made a wise choice in his selection of Spark, without him this site would only be shadow of what it has become. Spark puts in a lot of long hours, both on and off line, on this forum and other sites, to ensure that what we see in here is the highest quality in terms of what works plus what works smoothly. Spark, Bud , you are one of the good ones. If the world falls apart next Jan (Y2K and all) you have a place to stay. You can watch my back any day.

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Hal, saying that I respect you is a bit of a stretch, don't you think? Tolerate, yes, but respect....

Actually, Hal, thank you for your wholey undeserved glowing comments, you're making me self conscious now.

Hal was putting it extremely lightly when he said that we had exchanged some smokers after we first encountered each other: IMO we had a "this close to an asswhupping" attitude about each other. The fact that we are now friends is a testament to the both of us being willing to keep an open mind about things and being willing to listen to what each other had to say.

As for how I respond to what you guys have on your minds when you email, well, what can I say: This is *your* site, and without *you* , BladeForums.com wouldn't be here. That's why I do my best to help you guys out when you email me, not only is it my job, but it's a way for me to make a positive difference.

Oh, and BTW, I *still* think that's funny as heck Hal; Yeah, I expect my "pink slip' from Mission and BladeForums.com anytime now, unless they want me to "resign my position"!

Spark, who is still Laughing Out Loud!

Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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