Mission Titanium MDK Tanto 12"

Apr 18, 2009
hello...this is a Mission Knives MDK 100 percent Titanium....it comes with the sheath as pictured...I have never used it..and it is not resharpened either..its' a 1/4 inch thick...this goes for 489.00 on Missions web site..were I got this info below...this MDK has the G-10 handles which is also an add on...nice knife and partially serrated....12 inches overall....375.00 shipped...

The MDK Titanium knife has a special tanto blade that was developed in response to the military’s request for both a tactical knife with a tanto blade style and as a heavy duty took when digging into rocky and frozen soil to locate and remove locked in the soil land mines. The MDK-Ti is non-magnetic to prevent the magnetic activation of some mines. Regardless of whether you work in an EOD unit for the marine’s corps, or a COB unit, this knife is made of one quarter inch thick titanium and can be used as a breaching tool or pry bar for delicate probing needed in demining. It is non-corrosive, rust proof and stronger than steel especially when subjected to subzero temperatures. This tanto bladed knife is the perfect companion tool when used with the all titanium mine prove sets made by Mission for final mine clearance. Due to the tanto blade style, the MDK also makes the perfect tactical knife for military operators when strength and durability are required for the mission and when a strong blade tip is needed to puncture through materials, remain intact and complete the Mission.


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