Absolutely love them. I had 5 at one point, am down to 3 now because I wanted an XM-18. Dont let the small size full you either. They are tough little knives. I used to edc for a short time a damascus mnandi and I used it heavily and there is not a mark on either the blade or tha handle. I used my jigged mnandi for some food prep and its thin blade slices through anything I put it too. You will certainly not be disappointed in it, thats fir sure. If I had funds, I would surely have a dozen or more in different woods, they are that nice. I will always give the mnandi :thumbup::thumbup: !!!
They are very nice and as nyefmaker said, they are a workhorse of a knife despite the small size. The thin blade really cuts like a laser.:thumbup::cool:
Best small pocketknife you can get for the $ outside of a very few custom makers. Add that to amazing customer service and, well..........
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I agree with DallasSTB and TKC. It's a mixture of beauty and ruggedness and a masterpiece of knife making.
One of my all-time favorites- and mine is ironwood, too.