Mo Trident !

Oct 3, 1998
I really like my MOD Trident. Its every bit as smooth as my mini Socom, has a liner lock thats almost twice as thick and fits my grip far better.
I need another one!!!!
When are we going to see an auto version of this knife ?
Will the blades ever be available with black TIN coating ?
If anyone has the scoop, I would love to hear it.
Thanks, Bill
Glad to hear you like the Trident, Bill. At a gun/knife show a few weekends ago, I looked at a MOD Hornet. I really liked the size and solid feel of the thing. It was slightly larger than the mini-SOCOM, was just as solidly built, and was actually about $5 less than the mini-SOCOM. The only thing I didn't like was the bead-blasted blade. I sure do wish that they'd offer the MOD's with either a satin or TiN coated finish. I think I've seen advertisements offering a satin finish, but only as part of a limited-edition, numbered set of all five MOD knives.

Oh yeah, I also didn't like the clip location. It leaves far too much of the knife sticking out of your pocket - just like the Microtech's. Then again, I'll bet that the clip on your Trident didn't make it through the first day, did it?

I must have told someone that I didn't like clips or something. Senator is right, though. The clip came off at first sight

Hi Bill - auto versions of the Trident will come in early '99 last I heard, as is black blades too! So sit tight my friend

Dexter Ewing
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