Sep 1, 2003
Ok guys, has anyone ordered a MOAB yet? I have only seen the one on badmojo, but was wondering if there are any more out there and what is the cost :confused:
Mar 20, 1999
The prices may have changed but at the time of release they were...

$1600 for coated Finish
$1800 for DC Finish
$2000 for Satin Finish

I currently have one on order...


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Mar 10, 2002
Dark Nemesis said:
Dear Friends-
It's infrequent that I make a personal appeal to you all through a
mass email, but this is a special time. Perhaps it's just a fallout
from the recent election results, but for whatever reason, I am
feeling the need to convey respects to the family of Yasser Arafat as
we all mourn the Palestinian leader' recent passing.

On behalf of Chairman Arafat and his many friends across this great land, I am taking up a collection to send a suitable remembrance to the Arafat
Family and all their friends in Ramallah. Therefore, I am begging
that you contribute all that you can to a fitting memorial.

If together we can raise $5,000 we can send a single suicide bomber or
for a mere $10,000 we can send a car bomber fully packed with the
highest of explosives. The choice is up to you, we'll try to get as
much bang for the buck as possible. The more money raised, the bigger
the bang!

Please send cash at your earliest convenience in this time of
world-wide mourning.

Thank you,

Darkhog - President, World Wide Mourning LLC

darkone, you are very very thoughtful :)