MOD CQD Mark II Review

Dec 27, 2000
I've had the Mark II for almost 2 weeks and thought I would share my reactions to this new addition to the MOD lineup.

I do not have the original CQD, as I found it a bit too massive, but the Mark II seems to really fill the bill, for me, at least.


The 3.25 inch blade is the same shape as the larger brother, a spear-pointed design. Mine is partially serrated. 154CM steel. Titanium Carbonitride, black coated. The blade seems more than adequate for heavy, rugged use in a utility/suvival/rescue/tactical situation. The blade came with the usual, razor-sharp, polished edge that one comes to expect from MOD.


Here's what really sets this knife apart from the competition. The handle is again a smaller cousin of the big CQD. You can get a grip on this handle and no way is it going to slip or come out of your hand. The mid-handle "swell" and very grippy handle inserts give the knife a very secure feel. The base or pommel area features a replaceable tungsten-carbide auto glass breaker. This is held in by a .035 hex set screw. This could also serve as a impact device in a tactical situation.

This handle is a winner. Many will say that the blade shape/size etc. is paramount, but if you can't control the blade, the knife has limited value.


This is a plunge lock the same as is found on many automatics. It also features a secondary at the front top of the frame where the thumb normally tends to fall.

Additional Features

Dieter-designed side hilts also like the bigger guy give very secure handling under almost any conceivable grip position. The clip is reversable for left or right carry. When used for left-hand carry, a very small "plate" is provided to cover the area where the clip is removed, since part of the locking mechanism is otherwise exposed.


MOD has a winner here, IMHO, similar to it's award-winning big brother. QC, fit and finish are all top rate. Comes with a nice cordura pouch for horizontal or vertical carry and of course with the clip as well. This is a very rugged and capable performer that easily has EDC carry potential because of it's reasonably small size. Construction is very robust. A keeper.
i Have to agree all the way .... i have a Stealth and big brother my stealth is a manual i loved this knife from the day i opened the box looks cool fits great handle well i like the blade to handle size you can really grip and keep hold of it built like a brick sh!t house big brother is an Auto man what a knife fast strong this one you can really get a grip on again i just like the blade to handle size i think it is cool having a handle that big you know just were the blade point is since i received mine a month ago i have carried it most evey day it is just to cool not to