MOD Hornet: Any Thoughts???


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Oct 5, 1998
Any input in this? -AR

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I have alternated carrying a Hornet and a Trident for about a year now. I like them both. The construction is the same with an Aluminum Chasis and 154cpm blade. The shape of the Hornets frame/grip is a little small for some people.The shape of the blade and the grind are very aggressive.Also the blade size to handle ratio is very good for the maost blade with less bulk on the handle. I also have a Edgeguard Kydex sheath to carry it open. Works great as a neck knife.If it feels comptfortable in your hand you won't go wronge in getting one.



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Up front, I don't trust liner locks, and will not likely ever own a Hornet.

That said, I think it's diminutive size actualy fits a niche in the defensive knife category quite well; you can hold it in your hand unopened, but ready for action, and noone will see anything but your clenched fist, which won't attract too much attention.

Also, last I heard, you're not allowed to have a knife with a blade longer than 3 inches on a military base, unless it's in a multi-tool or something. This, of course, disregards any bayonets or other knives authorized for training or drill...
I have one and I like it. First, it gives you Microtech quality without the Microtech price. Second, it does pack a lot of blade for its size which makes it great for most cutting chores, and o.k. as a defensive blade if you can't carry something larger. The design is also appealing.