MOD Hornet blade length

Oct 26, 1998

Does anyone have review for Masters of Defense Hornet? Do you think a 3" blade is too short for defense purposes? I like the looks of the handle on the hornet better than the tempest. Comments?
It just so happens as I have both of them and I can tell you that for me a 3" blade is ideal for air travel, some FAA regs I believe, and in reverse grip the shape and indexing grooves all over the edges are very applicable, and in heaven grip it is lively and quick. The tempest lends it self better to the heaven, sabre, foil, hammer, hatchet, take your pick, much better than the pical or ice pick. (only two ways for the blade to protrude the hand why all the names?) It has a lot going for it the blade shape and enough meat to the handle to hang onto, the quality to my way of thinking is far above the average buck to buck and a half knife. I have been carring a Hornet for about 3 months and now carry the Tempest in it's place, as a back up to a sabenza, or MT, befor that it was a REKAT pioneer but the bulk is cut down greatly with the new MOD critters. The liner lock on both of these resembles the MT so much that alone is a deciding factor. These guys are bargains, but that's just my opinion. MIke
I am with Kali. I was about to purchase a Hornet and backed off at the last second. The following week the Tempest was out. So I grabbed on. I agree on fit and finish. A very well done knife. I hung up my AFCK and now carry the Tempest. I must say that the BT2 coating goes thru a steak much nicer...

For the price, I don't know how you could beat the MOD Tempest.

Okay, okay - Perhaps with an EDI Genesis. Longer blade on that lil puppy.

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Thanks for the replys,

I recieved the "hornet" yesterday. The workmanship is great but it is just too small in my hand. So, today I sent it back and orderd a "tempest". I hope it feels better.
The hornrt's blade just seems too short. I am also looking at purchasing a genesis, so that's the "knife" huh??
Well, I like the looks. I really can't speak because through my own stupidity I haven't seen mine in over a month. Long story, but the knife needed the upgrades done to it.

Should you want a Genesis, be sure you tell the dealer that you want the Bronze bushing model. The white teflon washer versions had production problems. The Bronze ones I hear are great.

It's the same blade length as an AFCK only in a smaller package. You might want to check one out in person first... (good luck, they are scarce...)

I really like the Tempest. I have been carrying it for a while now and the action has gotten very smooth and fast.

Happy Hunting!
Hi Patrick,

Might I impose on you to elaborate a little on what the "needed upgrades" to your knife entailed?

I ask because I received a Hornet last Thursday, and I'm trying to decide whether to send it back for repair, or replacement, or to just tweak it on my own a little.

I was looking for something new for daily utility carry: seriously overbuilt, very grippable handle (gotta keep them fingers off the sharp part), with a short (around 3") blade with lots of curve to it, and less diminutive / more of a handful than my baby Sebenza. And this little knife is all that -- when it's open...

...but the locking bar seems too strongly bent (I've got a number of sore spots on my fingers and palm from opening it), and more alarmingly, the locking bar seems a tiny bit too narrow (it has some side-to-side play in its channel when the knife is closed -- the tip of the knife can move about 1/8" up and down, clearing the end of the handle, while the ball detent remains engaged). Not at all what I was expecting, given the fine fit and finish of my Socom M/A tanto (yes, I know, they're manufactured by different companies, but they're still closely related).

My thoughts over the weekend were that what it really needed was a replacement locking bar that fixed both of the problems above, and also traded the release's unnecessarily aggressive (IHMO) ridges for the more gently patterned ridges used on the Socom (although that would probably be much less of a sore point
if the lock tension were lowered).

Anyway, I was wondering if the mods to your knife were anything along these lines (or, if not, I'm curious as to what else you found to change.)

-- Carl

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Just got the tempest and it feels much better than the hornet! Smooth action and slick as #$$^$. Also got the genesis at the same time. I am at a loss for words. It is every thing people have been saying. Now if I can just keep from cutting myself!!