MOD Hornet

Feb 28, 1999
This knife goes for a bit more money than I had intended to spend. However, if I spend 2/3 or even 1/2 as much on one that doesn't do the job - well, you know that feeling? It sucks. The size, weight, blade steel, are all nearly perfect for my needs. But, I'm reading all kinds of complaints related to liner locks. They pop open when you don't want it, they try to close when they're supposed to be open, the blade binds and gets rubbed where it shouldn't when opening and closing. People send them back to the mfr, and once fixed they don't always stay that way. The Hornet vs BM 812 (one that is providing less than satisfactory results based on forum threads) is about $70. Will that $70 likely obviate the headaches 812 owners are reporting? Are the 812 problems rare? How rare? Or, with the Hornet and its liner-lock do I get about the same deal? If anyone has used the Hornet, wrung it out, tested its limits, I'd be interested in your observations.

The MOD Lady Hawk seems to have a very secure liner lock. I believe I also read a review to that effect. I do not know if this carries over to other models in the line. It is a very well made knife.

I purchased it for my daughter for her birthday. It was very hard to let it out of MY hands.