MOD - Lady Hawk - First Impressions

Oct 3, 1998
Masters of Defense - What a nice line of knives.

Just had the opportunity to pickup a couple of Lady Hawks. What can I say… The lines of this knife intrigue me! I had to have one, even with the name Lady Hawk.

Showed a picture of this knife to a friend at work. He was immediately bitten too… That's how I happened to have the opportunity to look at 2 specimens at the same time. I must admit, I am impressed. Quality is there. I have yet to see a MOD that wasn't very nice from the git go. Both Lady Hawks had that gritty feel when opening that the MOD and Microtech knives are famous for when the knives are fresh. Mine is smoothing out quite nicely. The Tempest that I bought a month ago has smoothed out to be one of the nicest opening knives in my collection. I suspect the Lady Hawk will be no different.

The grind lines of these knives match on both sides. The edge is clean and both knives lived up to the box label – Razor Sharp! The aluminum handles are nicely done. No imperfections were noted on either specimen. No lateral blade play was present. Studs are firmly attached. The liner lock on both of the knives I examined engaged only about ½ of the liner lock. Both knives locked up solid. Both passed the “smack the spine on the table” test. Plenty of room for break in on these knives. The clip is mounted so that the knife carries high. No surprise there. I don’t know that I will use the clip much. This is a VERY TINY knife. Looks like a money clip to me (grin). Even though it is small, it rides nicely in the palm of my hand. (Yes, I have small hands) On both the spine of the blade and the backside of the grip there are groves for your thumb. The grooves on the backside of the grip are present at the pivot pin area and also by the butt of the grip. They are very non-slip, but they won’t peel skin like some groove jobs found on knives. Nothing loose, no rattles… In short, a well executed production knife.

One noticeable item… The throw, the arc the blade moves in, seems to be shorter than you usually feel on a folding knife. It almost feels like you haven’t gotten the blade open all the way, when in fact the blade is all the way out with the lock engaged. Sort of hard to describe. Something that must be experienced to be understood. I am getting used to it.

If you are looking for a very tiny, yet intense looking knife, I would recommend that you look at this piece. I am quite pleased with my purchase, and so is my co-worker.

Thanks to Brian at Discount Knives of the internet for prompt and courteous service.

Happy Holidays to all,

DITTO. I have had my MOD Lady Hawk for a couple of will take some breaking in, I believe...I really like mine...The edge is what I think a knife should be, right out of the box. Mule