MOD Lady Hawk

Mar 20, 1999
Just got the Lady Hawk via UPS today. Wow! What a tiny little slasher! Don't let the size fool you though. The ergonomic design lends itself to precision control of the knife. About the only grip I would NOT feel comfortable with is the overhand "icepick." Although I wouldn't recommend it, I didn't find a reverse grip unmanageable with this knife. (I have strong hands.)
Fit and finish of the knife is excellent. Only the slightest hint of uneveness on the sharpened edge of the blade. The 154CM blade isn't as sharp as I would have expected either, but a little time with a ceramic stick will cure both "problems."

The liner lock doesn't engage as far as I would like, but it seems solid and passed all failure tests. Blade lockup is rock solid with no play.

A little backyard slashing practice sent my kids running away screaming, "Daddy's crazy! Daddy's crazy!" but was otherwise fun. Due to the light weight and small size, the knife is EASY to wield with precision. Slashes were made with scary accuracy. No hack and hope with this knife. You hit what you aim for.

I found the two most comfortable and accurate grips with this knife to be standard "whittling grip" (Hammer grip?)with the thumb aligned along the blade's spine and the "scalpel grip" with the index finger resting on the spine. Either grip affords
a great deal of control and/or pressure to be applied to the hawkbill blade.

So far I have sharpened pencils, cut string, slashed an old tire, slashed cardboard, cut some rope, accidently pricked my finger, whittled a stick or two, peeled and cut an apple, trimmed a fingernail, and popped two balloons. Not a REAL workout, but I work hard for my money and can't afford to go tearing up knives.

I gave my wife her choice of the Lady Hawk or a Purple Mini SOCOM. She chose the Lady Hawk and promised me she'd carry it everywhere. Sounds like a good endorsement to me.

The knife ran me $75.00 new in the box. I feel I got my money's worth. Anything that makes Mamma happy has got to be good.

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I'm happy
you like the Ladyhawk. I'm getting mine on Friday, can't wait. You can't beat the price on the manual MODs right now. Enjoy
I know I replied before, in fact it is on my hard disk from last night at 9:48 PM, BUT it is on KnifeForums. Trying to confuse me aren't you!

Besides the autos, didn't I read that there were going to be black coated blades?
Don't know about the black blades. I think it would detract from the visual appeal of the knife. I like the contrast of the steel and the black anodized handle.

My wife took her little Lady Hawk to the gun shop/range a couple of days ago. She showed it to the owner who in turn called his employees over to look at it. Then the patrons in the store started to gather around. Several trade offers were made to the missus for the knife, but she held out! The owner got on the phone with his distributor and started inquiring as to "how much?" and "how fast can you get them here?"

Looks like it may be a popular seller.
I am in the market for a Ladyhawk but can't seem to find the bargains that you are talking about. Where is the most inexpensive place you have seen it?
I bought mine through Pioneer Valley Knife and Tool ( closed a few out through them. The cheapest I have seen them since has been at Discount Knives ( for about $105.00.

Originally posted by the4th:
Don't know about the black blades. I think it would detract from the visual appeal of the knife. I like the contrast of the steel and the black anodized handle.

i just got my ladyhawk a week ago and it came with a black blade and handle..i like its overall look with the blade coated makes it look more lethal and also reduces glare..(useful if you wanted to slash someone without him first noticing your knife and shooting you)
I don't know about a black blade "looking more lethal." Perhaps it just looks more black. Typically brighter blades have the illusion of being larger than they are. Larger would scream "more lethal" to me. Black is a minimizing color. There isn't any glare to reduce on a bead blasted blade.

Now your last comment does bring up a few questions. How are you planning to use your knife on an individial armed with a sidearm? If you have the knife out before he brings a sidearm into play, you have escalated the use of force and he is justified in shooting you. If he has his sidearm out before you pull the knife, how are you going to draw and slash before he double taps your X ring?
normally if i was engaged in a confrontation with someone, the distance beteween us would be no more than 1 metre..thus if he were to make any suspicious move,i could reach behind my back and pull out the ladyhawk or any knife i have with me at that point of time... if he really pulled out another knife or even a gun...i then would have the right to protect myself...furthermore, the short distance between us gives me another advantage.if he were to pull out a gun, i would have the option of disarming him..then i would have the upper hand. personally i feel a knife is more suited for CQB rather than a gun.
I suggest you do some real CQB drills with an opponent within the meter distance that you are discussing. I don't want to sound like I'm busting your chops here, but I'd be all over you (and I'm big and slow) before you even think of getting that knife out. Anything within 15 feet, I'd be all over you.

Try it with a training sidearm too. Have an opponent about 15 feet away with a knife. From a concealed carry format, draw and "fire" at your opponent before he stabs you. Unless you are just "OH MY GOD" fast, it ain't happening.

A good rule to live by:

You can't outdraw an already drawn weapon.