Feb 27, 1999
Anyone know of a place offering a good deal on the Masters of Defense LadyHawk?

Also, anyone have a review of this knife?
Theres one posted on the knives for sale
forum for $70.00


have a"knife"day
For reviews of the Ladyhawk go to the knife review section , go way back like 100 days or so and i think there was one that Fred Purrin did.

Hey Nifrand....where is that Ladyhawk? I didn't see it listed in the For Sale section and the search engine didn't seem to be working....

Thanks for taking the time to help me out...


Now I see it....thanks

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"Gracie" talks about the knife in this issue of Inside Kung Fu..its a ripping little karambit..She wanted something a woman would want, something that can't be ripped out of ones hands and would do a great slice n dice job if needed. I like carrying it and I have a special mother of pearl inlayed handled, hand ground, blued blade version for my fiancee to carry.