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MOD Mark 1

I for one would like to own the large p.e. version. I own 2 MOD's from the
90's. A Tempest and a Trident both p.e. these are among my favorite edc's. Extremely well made, perfect lock up, and they get razor sharp. Couldn't ask for more I don't think. keepem sharp
I own Mark II - it is excellent. I also played with Mark I - it is very well made but it is also huge.
How does the mark 2 compare. is it much smaller, and can you get a sheath that holds it in the open position like the Mark 1 has?
I'd like to have one myself. Looks pretty big though. I've held a mark2 and it's quite a bit smaller judging by that video. Never saw a sheath for one, but I'm sure you can get one made if need be.
that's the first time i seen the blackhawk video. very nice! i had both marks and they were great knives.:thumbup:
How does the mark 2 compare. is it much smaller, and can you get a sheath that holds it in the open position like the Mark 1 has?

Blade-wise it isn't that much smaller - but over all it is significantly smaller. I don't think MOD produces a sheath for MArk II - it'll have to be custom ordered - but since the locking mechanisme is the same it certainly can be worn that way.
I have the Mark II and it really isn't all that great. I had to send it in for warrenty work because I started to get blade play after a year(August 18th, 2006 and it was bought in Oct of 05) Now, Im going to have to send it back to them for the same problem. I do not flick open the kinfe, nor do I abuse it. It is my EDC and I mainly use it as a mail opener. For the high price tag I paid for it, it seems like my 30$ gerber lasted much longer.

I recently bought a BM Mini-Grip for a backup in my car and I think im going to make it my EDC and use the Expensive MOD for a back up. That is, when I get it back from MOD.

On a side note, the glass breaker is an awesome feature and the secondary safety is priceless.
I've got a manual MOD CQD and CQD Mark II, and a CQD Mark I auto. The CQD Mark I is the same size as the original CQD but it has a forward glassbreaker added.

The big ones are very big, but the shape of the handle makes them pretty easy to hold. The Mark II is much more compact, but the blade is within a half inch of the Mark I. Great EDC size. I got mine second hand and well used and I've used it hard myself. No sign of damage except for a bit more wear on the finish. Absolutely solid lockup and zero blade play.

These are among the few knives I've owned that I feel I can pry with. There is a lot of tang around the pivot inside the handle.
Im normally a spyderco man but I have pe mark 1 and 2 plus the hornet(all manual). the mark 1 is an excellent knife. I have carried it in the prylon sheath, the pouch, and clipped in my pocket during my time in the Army. The secondary cutter is priceless for everything from opening mre's to cutting flex cuffs. That being said it is a very large knife that can be uncomfortable in jeans. My suggestion is get all three put the hornet in your waistband, the mark 2 in your pocket, and keep the mark 1 in the car.