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Nov 1, 1998
Is Masters of Defense a break off of Microtech? I'm not sure but I recall reading about that somewhere. I hear that the quality & construction of their manual folders are quite similar. Is this true? However, my impression is that the MOD's are more affordable. Any reasons why? ( the mini socoms run about $150 while I see the MOD Trident on sale for about $125 or something like that).
MOD AKA Jim Ray of White Wolf knives is not a spin off of MT. Jim got with Tony to help him design and engineer a line of knives for him. This way he could have a line of knives with a similar look and feel of a Microtech yet with his name on them. Sort of like a private lable deal. MT only made the prototypes. The rest are made by MOD. As far as the prices it is mostly because MT does not make them as to why the price is lower.

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MOD and Microtech might have somewhat of the same look , which comes from a "joint" effort between Jim & Tony . But if you examine them side by side you will immediatly see that the MOD is NOT a Microtech by any stretch of the imagination. The Microtech knives are ALL quality built ,while the MOD's are hit or miss.I have seen some MOD's with a decent action and some with a lousy action . The lock-up is also no where close to a MT . I was going to purchase a Hornet ,but after handling several different ones it became very apparent that the quality control just wasn't there.I have also talked to several dealers who are selling the MOD's that they have , and not ordering any more due to the quality control issue. For the extra $25 , get yourself a MT. You will be happier in the long run.
I was interested in an MOD Razorback, (the fixed blade one), as it looked like a great neck-knife, especially for a big boy like me. Does anyone have any comments on the quality/ergonomics/usability of this item?
I own a razorback and I think the overall quality is good. However, if you are looking for a knife to slice and cut with you maybe should look at another knife.This is becuase the blade is very thick and narrow. The knife comes with a very sharp and strong looking point. From what I've read about this model, it was designed to deliver one decisive stab in a self defense situation. The handle is very comfortable IMO and the sheath is really well made, aghain IMO. You can read a review of it on
Overall, I think this knife is only suitable for self defense, but it's not a first class slasher.
I agree with Jailhack that a quality control problem does exist with MOD. But, I would personally examine the MOD knife that you may be after to see if it's a good one or not. I purchased one of the earlier Michael Janich Tempest models, and I feel that it is one of the better knives in my collection. The liner lock in it is thicker than any other production knife I've seen, next to a Chris Reeves (well, his knives are semi-production!), which makes me feel pretty safe about using it aggressively. It engages the blade tang perfectly, and overall, the knife is very high quality and super smooth. It has one of the smoothest factory actions I've felt. I own a few Microtechs, and I have some with liner locks that barely engage the tang of the blade, and they're not nearly as thick as the one on my MOD. Sure Microtechs average quality control is higher than the MOD's, but that doesn't mean that you won't find a MOD that'll suit your needs and quality expectations, I did. Just look a little closer at them and pocket the extra change that you saved instead of buying a Microtech, and you'll be smiling! BTW, you should still buy a Microtech sometime, too!

I agree as well (microtech better knife). I only have one MOD (a tempest), it's not a bad knife just not up to a microtech. I'm kicking around the idea of getting a trident, for some reason I like the look. Has anybody have any info on one.
Take a look at this link:

The pics here seem to indicate that MOD is indeed coming out of MT. Are these the prototypes that Mike is talking about?

I have Tempest, and it is a fantastic knife.

Those are the proto's and also the first signature series came out of MT.

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