MOD Razorback reviews needed

Absolutely perfect for a quick kill.
Better don't get caught with one by a LEO who understands knives....
Massad Ayob knows how to "do" it.
Not meant for cutting.

I carried one for a while and it seems well built. I never had an opportunity to put it to any hard use. I didn't stop carrying it because I had any kind of problem with it I just found something that fit what I needed a little better. The only complaint I've seen about it on the forums is that the tang only goes into the handle about an inch. If you do a search for razorback in this forum you'll find 3 or 4 other reviews.
The razorback has all of the qualities that made the "Stylet Dagger" of the 1700s' such an efficient assassination or "quick kill" weapon. It penetrates soft targets effortlessly and leaves a nasty wound channel. As stated already, it doesn't perform well as far as slashing goes. I've carried mine for over 1 year now. I love it.

p.s. Don't get caught with one. The M.O.D. logo doesn't advertise utility.