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MOD small size Deiter CQB ???

Nov 13, 2000
Hi all , I understand that Masters of Defense is coming out with a smaller size Deiter CQB w/ a glass punch on the end instead of the belt cutter. Question: Has anyone seen one of these knifes? Does anyone know where I can buy one of these knifes right now? If it is NOT released yet , does anyone know when it will be? Thanks for all info.
I have been looking for the same knife, and I think it is just now available. you should start to see online knife shops with them soon.
On the M.O.D. web page the CQD MkII is $239.95, $30.00 less expensive than the full sized version. The price should be around $190.00 at places like 1 Stop Knife Shop.
In an earlier thread of mine, Dan of Go Get'em Gear, said they should see the new knife mid to late January.
Hope this helps.

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[This message has been edited by Keith Montgomery (edited 01-03-2001).]