MOD Tempest - anyone try one yet

Aug 15, 2000
I am considering getting a MOD Tempest, a Michael Janich (sp?) design which goes for around US$ 179. Due to the high price, i'd like some opinions on this knife before I splash out. I'm from Malaysia where everything i buy has to be special ordered with US$35 shipping charges which is a problem if I have to return the knife.

I'm pretty confident of the quality, though - having heard from some people I trust. What I'm really interested in is how comfortable it is to carry and use. Any advice/opinions is appreciated.

Thanks in advance
I played w/ a couple ones for a long time. It's very comfortable little knife, notice i said little. The knife is kina small for me, the blade is only about 3.3", but the handle is VERY comfortable. The only problem i had w/ mine is after some hard snap open, the liner sticks, and you have to press pretty hard to release it. In my opinion the knife is overpriced, it's a good knife but not for $179, rather go for a SIFU
, or a Al Mar SERE 2k, or i think u can find a Microtech SOCOM for that price. Just my $0.2, welcome to the forum.
I had the same problem with the liner sticking,but with mine it stuck every time I opened the blade.Even when I did it slowly.It would stick so hard that I had to use a coin to pry the liner loose.I sent it back to MOD and got one back with no problems,liner locks up perfect,no play,smooth opening etc.Sharpedge you're right about the blade.It looks kind of short but it does measure at 3.5 in.I think it looks that way cause the blade is pretty wide.
I have a Tempest also. I have not had the liner lock problem mentioned above with the Tempest, but did with another MOD. All in all the quality is similar to Microtech, but not quite there yet. Blade does measure out to 3.5 and is thick at just under 3/16. Easy to sharpen if you get it dull. All MOD,s I have had (6) came hair popping sharp. Now for my opinion. I agree with Sharpedge on the Al Mar SERE 2000. I now have two. One to use and one to admire. This knife, going for around $130.00 is all it is cracked up to be ( see my post "SERE 2000" this forum).
Whichever one you pick, I think you will be happy. Both Are quality, well made knives that can last you a lifetime.

Art Sigmon
I have a Tempest as well and am very happy with it. It locks up strong and has no blade play. It takes a very sharp edge with very little effort. $179 seems high for it though. I paid $150 for mine. -Lev